Tony Barnes: Camp Resilient Board of Directors

Tony Barnes: I was raised in Moore County from a young age. Both my parents served in the Air Force, were married shortly thereafter, and made Moore County their home shortly after my birth in the early 1980’s. 

I am, first, a father and a husband, and secondly I’m a REALTOR with Keller Williams Pinehurst; and used to be a professional musician for over 12 years regionally, in Nashville, TN, and for a short duration in Texas as well. 

I grew up and have spent the majority of my life intertwined with the military community although I never served personally. I realize the great importance our community has, being just outside of Fort Bragg, of serving those who serve us. I truly appreciate the sacrifices of the many who call Moore County home that have served in the United States Armed Forces. I only hope I can give something meaningful back to this esteemed group of Americans who I call heroes, but also I call my neighbors, friends, and family.