Paul Becker   Leader Becker T3 Group (Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity); RADM, retired (MD)   

Jason Howk 23 year Army Veteran; 82nd Airborne Alumni, Afghanistan War Veteran, Husband, Writer, and Professor. 


Ambassador Roya Rahmani Diplomat and military community supporter, first Women Ambassador to the United States from Afghanistan.


Mike Erwin Leader, Team RWB and Positivity Project; U.S. Army LTC (NC).


Dorthe Djernis PhD; nature-based mindfulness, Denmark; former managing horticultural therapist at Nacadia Therapy Forest Garden, University of Copenhagen.

Anthony Zeruto CEO Network Designs; and U.S. Army (COL) Retired (VA).


Fran Campbell Retired designer, North Carolina furniture industry.


Thomas Fox Jr. Army Veteran, Fort Bragg alumni, building a nonprofit to mentor at-risk youth in Mississippi, LTC Retired (MS).


Jesse Havard SFC Retired, Veteran, Fort Bragg Alumni (FL).


Brand Elverston Elverston Consulting, former Walmart Executive, Veteran (AR) 


James Rodriguez U.S. Army, 7th GRP (MSG RET). Husband, Father, Mentor, Motorcycle enthusiast, Team Lead at Veterans Guardian, Kansas State Wildcats supporter. 


Suphack Naing 82nd Airborne Division Veteran, Almond Farmer (California).  


Tiffany Fleeman Military Spouse, Founder and Lead Instructor at Workhorse Fitness & Yoga Studio. 


William “Bill” Callison USAF Veteran, retired President of Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (NC). 


Gail Slavin U.S. Army daughter, wife, and mother; Army Community Service Core Instructor and Facilitator (NC). 


Jim Slavin U.S. Army (COL) Retired; Member of U.S. Army Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.


Doug Livermore National Board member for the Special Forces Association; U.S. Army (MD). 


John V. Christian U.S. Army (COL) Retired; Fort Bragg SOF Alumnus (NC).


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