Camp Resilient Ambassadors

Meet our Camp Resilient Ambassadors! They are our dedicated and passionate advocates and teammates in the North Carolina, Texas, and DC areas. 

Mrs. Keeli Anderson– Military spouse Fort Bragg, NC

Staff Sergeant Gabriel Fanelli- Active-duty father, mountain ultrarunner, photographer, and lover of nature. 

Marcie Eiserman Military child, Special Forces Spouse, Army mom, Veteran Advocate Moore County, NC 

Major General (Retired) William Roy Husband, Father, Afghanistan Veteran, and Veteran’s advocate.

Brittney Harp Military Spouse, military Mom, Volunteer and Educator, Family Readiness Group Leader and Resilience Trainer Assistant course graduate.

Ambassador Roya Rahmani–  A career diplomat and military community supporter, first Woman Ambassador to the United States from Afghanistan.

Timothy Torres, Chief Warrant Officer 2–  US Army, recently earned Master’s in International Business & Policy from Georgetown University.

Abdul Rahman Rahmani–  Former Afghan Special Mission Wing Pilot, Afghan National Security Council Staff Member and Policy Writer. Author of Afghanistan: A Collection of Stories. Expeditionary Warfare School graduate from Marine Corps University, currently pursuing Master’s degree in National Security and Resource Strategy from the Eisenhower School, National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Has U.S. bylines including CNN, Military Times, The Strategy Bridge, Small Wars Journal, Defense Once, and Clearance Jobs News. 

Matt Tardio–  US Army, Special Forces, Multiple deployments, former police officer in State of Colorado. Opened own training company. Has been on several podcasts speaking out for those with PTSD and their families, passionate about supporting veterans and their families. 

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