Welcome to Camp Resilient

We have launched an effort to build a camp outside Fort Bragg North Carolina to provide outdoor nature-based therapies to those dealing with the stress and trauma of military service. That includes Fort Bragg military members, local veterans and their families.

We are led by two pioneering women on this ground breaking effort. We estimate that we will be able to assist between 6,000 to 10,000 clients per year. Find out more on our ABOUT page.

This is a rendering of what we aim to create.

We launched our first programs in May 2021. JOIN our start-up effort by contacting the Camp Resilient team today or making a tax deductible donation to this non-profit effort.


The whole camp was great, relaxed and enjoyable.

-Stefani S.

“I am a medically retired Combat Controller from Ft. Bragg with 21 years of service and 12 combat deployments.  As one of 13 survivors, of the 2007 CH-47 helicopter crash in Afghanistan that left 8 killed, my injuries we extensive.  Wheelchair bound for 10 months…I absolutely believe in all the programs associated with being mindful and connected within a peaceful environment. During Outdoor therapy I gravitated towards programs like Yoga, Equine and Gardening, which I found most beneficial and continue to practice today. ” 

– Tim B.


Camp Resilient utilizes proven therapies in the natural settings of forests, gardens, and equestrian facilities in order to provide a family-centered, interdisciplinary team approach to nature based therapeutic experiences for active duty service members, veterans, and their families facing adversity within their professional, family, and community dynamics.


Camp Resilient’s programs incorporate and instruct the most advanced and productive aspects and experiences to improve our participants’ mental, spiritual, and physical wellness to increase resilience.

Camp Resilient is family centric and will be the Department of Defense standard replicable model for nature based therapeutic experiences.

“I liked that all suggested practices were small changes I can implement in my life right away.”

-Jenna C.

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Laura Barton | Howk Family | Lyla Owens | Ry Southard | Dorthe Djernis | Pamela Schaette | Megan McDonnell | Steelhammer Family | Leibold Family | Almeter Family | Day Family | Tony Barnes | Whitlock Family | Havard Family | Balkovic Family | Cruz Family | Jerry Anderson | In Honor of Chris Harris | In Honor of CSM Rob Eiserman | In Honor of SSG Adam Holland Roy | Courtney Eiserman | Dulmage Family | Evans Family | Barnes Family | Bullard Family | Suzanne Furman | Frank and Missy Quis | Amy Drake | Davis Family | Bethany Dant | Donna Clemens | Louis Foye | Barbara Kennedy | Flint Family | Margaret Lewis | Craig Goodnight | Jennifer Greer | Karin Cox | Nell Judge | Mary Zastrow | Kathryn Thomas | Amanda Bullard | Lora Oldham | Anne Carroll | Bethany Dant

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